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Bubble packaging is an extremely lightweight, durable packaging material that works well for wrapping items as well as filling the void in boxes.
Learn about bubble bags, bubble rolls, bubble wrap and bubble mailers.

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What is Bubble Packaging?

Bubble packaging is an extremely lightweight, durable packaging material that works well for wrapping items as well as filling the void in boxes. Bubble packaging absorbs shock to keep your fragile items safe. Its light weight also reduces shipping costs.

Bubble packaging comes in several different varieties. They usually vary in bubble size and barrier properties. Bubble packaging with small bubbles is generally used for small light items. Larger bubbles should be used with larger and heavier items. The most economical bubble packaging has relatively weak barriers, which means the air will leak out over a shorter period of time. Industrial bubble packaging usually has stronger barriers to make it last longer and ensure that the air will not seep out when subject to heavy forces

Bubble packaging normally comes in rolls, as well as bubble bags and bubble mailers. Perforated bubble packaging rolls save time and add convenience by eliminating the need for a cutter.

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What are Bubble Bags

Bubble bags are an ideal way to protect and cushion fragile items and keepsakes.

Bubble bags are an excellent way to protect fragile objects due to their light weight and durability. They do not require cutting or wrapping and they come in a variety of styles: open-end, self-sealing, and reclosable. Open-end bubble bags are completely open at one end and do not have a flap. Self-sealing bubble bags have an adhesive strip on the flap that eliminates the need for tape. Reclosable bubble bags generally have a zipper closure and are reusable. In addition, they protect the contents from dust and moisture. Bubble bags should not be used as the only form of packaging for mailing. For mailing small fragile items consider bubble mailers.

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What are Bubble Mailers and Bubble Envelopes

Bubble mailers, also called bubble envelopes, are envelopes that have a layer of bubble packaging on the inside. The durable, waterproof bubble packaging is covered with strong kraft paper. Bubble mailers are the lightest type of cushioned envelopes that you can buy. They save you money on postage, which can help pay for the cost of the bubble envelopes. Bubble mailers generally have a self-adhesive flap that allows for quick and easy sealing.

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Why Use Bubble Wrap and Bubble Packaging?

Bubble packaging is an extremely lightweight, durable packaging material that works well for wrapping items as well as filling the void in boxes. Bubble packaging absorbs shock to keep your fragile items safe. Its light weight also reduces shipping costs . Also bubble wrap is reusable Barriers trap air inside allowing bubble packaging to be reused.

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Benefits of Bubble bags

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Product Specification

Bubble wrap which protects items during shipping and for storage are generally available in different types and sizes. This depends on the size of the object being packed, as well as the level of cushioning protection needed.


Bubble diameter:

6mm (0.25”) to 25mm (1”)

Bubble height:

up to 4mm

Options for Bubble Bags/Wrap

Common material used for Bubble Film/Roll or Bags:


Normally, Clear Polythene bags in Great Britain should follow widely accepted industrial standards according to British Standard – see BS7344, 1990

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Bubble Size & their uses

Bubble Wrap & Bubble Bags are extremely versatile protective material that is great as a cushioning material, void fill or even surface protection. Bubble Wrap' is available in three standard thicknesses as shown below:

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Bubble Roll Sizes

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Tips to use Bubble Wrap & Bubble Bags

Always wrap your items with the bubble against the product for the best protection.

When using Bubble Wrap & Bubble Bags, there are a few 'tips' for proper use. First, when you are using Bubble Bags & Wrap as a cushioning material, make sure to use enough wrap so that all sides and corners are protected. Make sure that there is at least two inches of bubble padding between your product and each wall of the box. You also want to make sure to use enough wrap (or other void fill material in conjunction with Bubble Bags & Wrap) to eliminate movement of the packaged item when you shake the box. When you are done packaging your product, shake it. If you feel the product moving, you need to add more packaging material.

Bubble Bags & Wrap is also available in other 'options' such as adhesive, cohesive or anti-static wraps. Adhesive Bubble Bags & Wrap has an adhesive backing that sticks to virtually any other surface. Cohesive Bubble Bags & Wrap is similar to adhesive wrap, but it sticks only to itself. And anti-static Bubble Bags & Wrap is made from a special blend of plastic that provides protection for electronic components that may be damaged from static discharge.

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Applications of Bubble Bags & Bubble Wrap

Bubble bags are used in numerous applications areas to protect any item in transit packaging listed below:

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Few hints when purchasing Bubble Bags

  1. Choose the correct style and size for your specific needs.

  2. Decide whether you want a lip on the bag or even a lip and tape closure.

  3. Check to see if there other styles or types of mailing bags that might solve your shipping needs.

  4. Make sure your bag is big enough to hold your product so that the seams do not split.

  5. Make sure that your bag is strong enough so that it can handle the weight or your product. Remember that if your bag rips your product could be damaged.

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Before you order. Can you answer this Questions

Here are the questions we will ask for when you call to request a quote:

  1. Style of bag
  2. Size (Length x Width)
  3. Quantity
  4. Film color or anti-static
  5. Type of closure (Heat seal, lip only, or lip/tape)
  6. Deadline for delivery

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Where to Buy?

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Common Question asked on Bubble Bags & Wrap

  1. Question:How long is bubble packaging good for?
    Answer:Normally bubble packaging will start to leak its air after about six months

  2. Question:What is anti-static bubble packaging??
    Answer:Protects against static electricity and is normally used to pack electronics

  3. Question:Can I Purchase a Single Sheet of Bubble Packaging?
    Answer: Most suppliers will offer bubble packaging in rolls, bags, or boxes.

  4. Question:What are the different sizes of bubble packaging I can purchase?
    Answer:Bubble packaging can be purchased in numerous fashions. Bubble rolls, bubble bags, and bubble boxes are some. Check with your supplier for availability options.

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Other Information on Bubble Bags

For more information on Bubble Bags & Film please visit www.packagingknowledge.com

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